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Allergy – Things We Clear

That One Is Simple… Everything!

Couple Free Of Allergies

That one is pretty simple because we clear anything and everything as long as you can carry it and it fits onto our machine. Sometimes the simpler something is in life the more accurate it is. Take a ruler, for example, students, architects and the general population requires this when they are drawing a concept. Can you imagine doing this without a ruler! It would have caused so much frustration. I can’t even imagine it.

Our machine, though not that uncomplicated, does the job and the job is done on the “insides” of the machine. There’s so much going on during a clearing process that it’s hard to explain. For example, did you know that each machine comes with a “miasm” filter, which basically clears your machine from any wrong-doers out there. But your client’s will not know this and they will just sit back and relax while the allergy removal process goes on. Having said that, these are some of the things that the machine does clear.


I have a large selection of foods such as:

    Milk Allergy

  1. Dairy – Since the 60’s or 70’s there have been a growing number of people who have this as an allergy. Parent’s often ask me if there is a solution for weening a child off of 2% milk and getting them on almond milk? I say “Sorry we can’t help you!” and toss them aside!!! No… I just wanted to make sure you were reading! Actually, I do say to them to try 3/4 milk + 1/4 almond milk and decrease the ratio of milk gradually.
  2. Wheat Allergy

  3. Wheat – Because they have tinkered with wheat so much, it is now rarely viewed as something that “fits” well with the human body. As an example, my client was severely affected by wheat here in North America. He would get gas, bloating and even throw up. Well, he had a trip over to Italy where he was served whole wheat bread. Knowing what wheat does to him, he turned it aside the first day. The second day, he was served the same bread, of which he tried a corner of the bread. No reaction. So the third day he tried half the loaf still with no reaction. On the fourth day, he went crazy devouring all the pasta and everything to do with wheat. No reaction. That is the difference between Europe and North America, in that they have not “tinkered” with wheat so that it has become unrecognizable by the human body.
  4. Fish Allergy

  5. Fish – I remember this lady who had a severe reaction to fish and she came from the Maritimes too! Go figure! I cleared her from lobster, tuna, crab, escargot and all that delicious seafood that you would get out there. She went back home to visit her family and the first two days while she was there she wouldn’t even try any seafood because of what it did to her. Well, on the third day she mustered enough courage to try some lobster. No reaction. So she tried some crab. No reaction. And the reaction would often come five minutes after eating something that didn’t agree with her. You can imagine the joy on her face as well as the joy on her family’s faces to learn that she could now eat seafood.
  6. Mango Allergy

  7. Mango – I had this one kid who had a mango allergy! Of all fruits mango is one of the most delicious fruits in the world! I cleared it from him and he would often get a red rash that engulfed his entire face. But when he went back home and tried a mango, this time it caused no reaction.
  8. Wine Allergy

  9. Wine – I have had numerous client’s come to me with a wine allergy and it’s so much a part of our social lifestyle that to have an allergy to it would be devastating. I had this client who entertained like crazy and she would not drink any wine because she knew she would pay a visit to the bathroom as a result. Since I cleared her from wine, she can drink it until her heart’s content.
  10. Some Other Foods – I’ve only touched the surface with what I and you can do to re-balance the body of any food intolerance’s or allergies.


This one really rings home in my heart and was the primary reason that I went into this field.

    Grass Allergy

  1. Trees, Grasses and Weeds – The trees pollinate in May, the grasses in June and the weeds in August. If your client’s react to something in the air during these months then they should be cleared accordingly.
  2. Dust Allergy

  3. Dust, Histamine, Sinuses, Indoor or Outdoor Molds – If your client’s suffer from any times other than those months listed above, then it’s one of these, if not all, conditions that they will require clearing from.
  4. Weather Change Allergy

  5. Geopathic Stressors – I decided to add this in because so many people who suffer from environmental allergies also suffer from geopathic stressors. What they consists of are the barometric pressure going up and down, the humidity going high to low, when it rains to when it turns hot and cold. Among these are a slew of other stressors that your client’s body may feel. Most common are the presence of headaches or migraines that are not food related.

Cats and Dogs

Dog Allergy

If, after bringing home a newborn kitten or puppy, your client discovers that someone in the family has an allergy to it, tell them to not bring the pet back. Instead bring it in to you.

You can imagine the trauma felt by the pet getting it to your client’s home and now having to bring it back. That is a tragedy that I could not even imagine!

You can clear the hair from their pet, which is the major cause of any allergy. Just have your client brush the neck, butt-end and under the belly and then seal the hair or fur up in a standard zippered bag and bring that hair or fur into you. Together with our cats or dogs, you will have successfully cleared the individual from any pet that they brought into you. Dogs take 2-3 sessions while cats take 3-4 sessions with you.

Cat Allergy

There are so many more items that can be cleared from your client’s, some of them not intuitively clear, such as mosquitoes, motion sickness or the Epstein-Barr Virus, to just name a few. But suffice it to say that anything your client can get their hands on, you can clear.