That It Works!

Food: Watch the testimonial Bahadur tells of his allergies prior to his coming to Allergy Clearing Machine!

Pet: Watch as Aubrey tells of her wins with the Allergy Clearing Machine!

Seasonal: Look as Netta explains of his triumphs with the Allergy Clearing Machine that her son Calvin has experienced!

Dog and Sleep: Watch as Samina tells of what our technique has done to her including her sleep!

Geopathic Stressors: See what the technique has done to Justin.

More Proof…

“We got interested in their program after hearing all about how they removed allergies through their device. Was skeptical, especially because they don’t touch the body at all. It’s all done through a laser. Well, we’ve done 20+ clients so far and not one of them have said to us that this thing doesn’t work! Thanks Allergy Clearing Machine for taking the time and showing us the ropes!”

Allergy Laser Clinic

“I’ve joined the team at Allergy Clearing Machine because of my own allergies and the allergies of lots of people I know. Well, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, until I handled my first client on my own. What a reaction she had just after two sessions with me. It was the dog protocol that I eliminated first and she couldn’t be more ecstatic! You’ve made me a true believer out of me and I will be a practitioner for life!”

L. Truong – Acupuncturist

“I have been seeing Allergy Clearing Machine for approximately 4 months. I have suffered from chronic nasal congestion most of my life, and saw many physicians as well as complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. However, my symptoms did not improve significantly. With Allergy Clearing Machine‘s treatments, my symptoms have improved considerably. I am happy to recommend them to other allergy sufferers.”

Dr. Adnan Bin Jalal – Doctor

“I just wanted to let you know that since we did the session with you – after about a month, my daughter’s symptoms completely disappeared. We almost forgot about them. She almost never sneezes and she hardly has a runny nose. She also has not gotten any colds this winter despite the fact that my husband and I have had a few. Wanted you to know that.”

Ellie Rubin – Author

“You could even tell them that NOW I’ve had so much success that I’m getting cocky. Today, I had work at it to resist the temptation to make a point of stopping to sniff lilacs just to see if it was really, really gone! Ha ha… I did inhale a big breath driving by them and couldn’t actually smell the fragrance but also didn’t get ‘fogged in’ like I always have before!”

Liz Van Noort – Client

“The allergy program that they have I just love! For years I suffered through migraines whenever it rained or the weather changed. It was just one of those things that I thought I would have to live with but once they worked on my barometric pressure sensitivities I haven’t had a single migraine after that. It really is unbelievable that I can now enjoy the rain!”

Nancy Penney – Client

“Heartfelt thanks to the staff for the immune treatment. Before the treatment I had what can only be described as a persistent cold and sore throat that seem to last forever. I was always feeling physically cold despite layered clothing and sweaters this winter. Three days after the treatment my cold and sore throat began to drift away, my body certainly felt warmer with a better sense of well being. Rest assured that I will be back for the next session when it is due!”

Martin N – Client

The testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. There is a 50% chance that you will attain satisfactory results from our sessions.