Allergies – Pricing

Imagine Paying $25,000 For An Allergy Machine???

The pricing has been split into their various packages. Each one details exactly what they contain. There is a one-time $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit over on top of the regular monthly payments.


Package A:

  1. Machine for clearing allergies.
  2. Laser light pen.
  3. Test vials with accompanying “Ingredient List” and a one-to-one mapping of our test vials to the “Ingredient List”. These test vials contain ingredients such as dairy, wheat, trees, grasses, weeds, cats, dogs and a whole series of test vials.
  4. 7 day intensive video training.
  5. On-going video training.
  6. 12-hour support system.
  7. BONUS # 1: Sunglasses to protect your client or patient’s eyes as UV-light is emitted from the laser.
  8. BONUS # 2: Inclusion of your name to our website.
  9. BONUS # 3: Access to our library of tools, which includes our ingredient list, what to do in anaphylactic situations and handouts to your client or patients’ should they inquire about our muscle response testing, the healing crisis and so much more.
  10. BONUS # 4: 2 day weekend training at Allergy Clearing Machine’s premises.
  11. BONUS # 5: 48-hour replacement time for a damaged machine, pen or vial.
  12. BONUS # 6: 5 sample bottles for your client or patient to collect their paraphernalia with.
  13. BONUS # 7: 1 ACM machine and laser on year ten for 50% off regular price, which equals $2,137.50. All subsequent machine and laser replacement costs will be $4,275.00.
  14. BONUS # 8: Regularly $700.00/month -> Sale is for only $297.00/month indefinitely. All prices in US dollars.

Package B:

  1. What is covered in Package A.
  2. Trade show equipment and expertise.
  3. 1 year minimum contract.
  4. + $100/month added to the cost of Package A.

The trade show equipment includes:

  1. Trolley
  2. Vials

  3. 2 Tables (6 feet X 3 feet) and (1.5 foot round)
  4. Cover sheets for the tables
  5. Overnight cover sheet for the main table
  6. 3 Sign up sheets with clip holders and pens attached
  7. Signs to know the kind of allergies we can clear and their respective holders
  8. Floor mats
  9. Horizontal banner (6 feet X 1.5 feet) stretched across the back wall and secured with supplied fishing line
  10. Free standing vertical banner (approximately 3 feet X 7 feet)
  11. 2 folding chairs
  12. Scissors
  13. Tape
  14. Suitcase with wheels to house paraphernalia

Package C:

  1. What is covered in Package A and B.
  2. Contacting clients for the trade show on your behalf.
  3. Cell Phone

  4. Adding the client’s names to our sequencing tool, which includes videos, that detail what we can eliminate and how the technique works. The sequencing tool is great for us to use as it generates these messages in a timely fashion to our targeted patient base.
  5. Ability to send requests to Head Office to add a client or patient not generated by any trade show.
  6. 1 year minimum contract.
  7. + $157/month added to the cost of Package B.

Package D:

  1. What is covered in Package A, B and C.
  2. 2000 professionally done business cards with your name and address located on it.
  3. 4 outfits with your name and logo or our company name and logo stitched into it.
  4. 1 year minimum contract.
  5. + $157/month added to the cost of Package C + $500 one-time fixed cost.

Google Adwords

Package E:

  1. What is covered in Package A.
  2. Google Adwords for a minimum of 3 months that is laser targeted to your location with your name coming up that displays for all the users to see. Note that should another practitioner want to “share” the same space with you, they are not allowed to cross your property, which stretches 25 kms. What the daily amount you are willing to spend on Adwords will be determined by you.
  3. + $197/month from the cost of Package A.

* Note that all prices are in U.S. dollars.

You can call us at 1-866-829-4175!