My Story

My Story

How I Came To Be

My Story

This is my story around allergies. At around the age of seven I came to Canada. It was pure excitement for me arriving at a new place and meeting new friends. Everything was going well, then at the age of thirteen came my first sniffle. Then came my first full blown sneeze, and again, and again. My parents, not knowing any better, had surmised that this must be seasonal allergies and not a cold, especially for the amount of time that it lasted for – two months!!!


Now, the non-drowsy formulas didn’t do anything for me and the drowsy formulas, oh they worked all right, they put me right out. The sneezing and itchy eyes got so bad that I wouldn’t go outside for the months of May and June, two of the most beautiful months, which were also my worst months.

Pulling Hair Out

My parents, not knowing what to do, just kept on with the allergy tablets. Every year my sneezing and itchy eyes got worse, not better, to the point where I would have to get up and excuse myself from company meetings and I even had to take days off of work because the allergy symptoms were that bad. I thought that this would be a matter of life living in Canada, that is, until I formed this Allergy Clearing Machine.


It has gone through a significant package change from the hardware to software and, finally, to the way in which we handle things or allergies. It has changed my life forever and it will change yours too. No longer do I hide out during the months of May and June, but instead, I enjoy the fresh breeze outside.