Allergies – Accessories

The List Of Extras

The following describes the list of accessories that we carry here at Allergy Clearing Machine‘s headquartered site.
Allergy Clearing MachineLaser PenVialsProtective Eyewear

Description Costs
Replacement Case For Vials $40.00
Replacement Client Vials – Large Ones (10) $180.00
Replacement Label For Vials (1) $10.00
Replacement Laser (1 Year Warranty) $750.00
Replacement Machine (1 Year Warranty) $4,000.00
Replacement Machine and Laser (1 Year Warranty) $4,275.00
Replacement Protective Eyewear $40.00
Replacement Set Of Vials (Each) $2,500.00
Replacement Vial (Each) $25.00

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