Allergy Course Is What We Do

Allergy Course – Something Exciting And New

Allergy course? What’s that all about?

Have you wondered what hurdles Henry Ford and the first car must have had? Could you imagine what the Wright Brothers must have faced in uncertainty? Who knew that we could have a glass window that was completely bulletproof?

I could go on and on. One thing’s for sure and that is that our minds will never cease or stop at anything. Otherwise, we may as well be dead!

Allergic Sleeping Woman

It is these very inventions that have given us an easier path to life. Though many other inventions have failed, it is without a doubt in my mind that the one thing that humans should never, ever do without is the need for inventions.

I, for example, had a terrible fight against allergies. It was a losing battle and it was the environmental allergies that had really got a hold of me. But that was then and this is now. I am happy to say that I am ninety-five percent cleared of those environmental allergies! But it doesn’t stop there. Not by far! I, myself, have been cleared of numerous kinds of allergies. What if I told you that I have been cleared of numerous kinds of food allergies as well? Too hard to believe, huh?

I know, I know…. No matter how many allergies I clear from people you are still skeptic of the method and its results. It may ease the mind to let you know that I have been doing this for over 14 years. But it still doesn’t prove to you anything! You know how I know? Because I’ve dealt with clients who are skeptic all the time. Just about ninety-nine percent of them are skeptic.

Mad Allergy Woman

If you have been reading this page up until now, something must have got your attention. Whether it be your own allergies, allergic reactions by a close family member or you’re just looking for something new and exciting to start. Whatever the case may be, something has got you here! Well, I say congratulations on that achievement for taking part in this allergy course!

Here’s What You Get!

So, I have been talking about my own allergies and your skepticism of this process. But I haven’t touched on what it is that we do about allergies. In your “kit” you will receive a few different things:

  1. Machine for clearing allergies.
  2. Laser light pen.
  3. Test vials with accompanying “Ingredient List” and a one-to-one mapping of our test vials to the “Ingredient List”. These test vials contain ingredients such as dairy, wheat, trees, grasses, weeds, cats, dogs and a whole series of test vials.
  4. 7 day intensive video training.
  5. On-going video training.
  6. 12-hour support system.
  7. BONUS # 1: Sunglasses to protect your client or patient’s eyes as UV-light is emitted from the laser.
  8. BONUS # 2: Inclusion of your name to our website.
  9. BONUS # 3: Access to our library of tools, which includes our ingredient list, what to do in anaphylactic situations and handouts to your client or patients’ should they inquire about our muscle response testing, the healing crisis and so much more.
  10. BONUS # 4: 2 day weekend training at Allergy Clearing Machine’s premises.
  11. BONUS # 5: 48-hour replacement time for a damaged machine, pen or vial.
  12. BONUS # 6: 5 sample bottles for your client or patient to collect their paraphernalia with.
  13. BONUS # 7: 1 ACM machine and laser on year ten for 50% off regular price, which equals $2,137.50. All subsequent machine and laser replacement costs will be $4,275.00.
  14. BONUS # 8: Regularly $700.00/month -> Sale is for only $297.00/month indefinitely. All prices in US dollars.

Surprised Man

Great Deal

That’s about as good deal that I can possibly offer you. Do you know that if you were to pick up each item separately in a store, it would cost you upwards of $25,000.00.

And I have also included a special 3-month trial where you can return the equipment up to three months in. After that you will be locked in for one-year. And just to stay clear of any surprises, you will have to pay a one-time $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit over on top of the regular monthly payments.

If there are other needs that you should have such as trade show equipment and expertise or Google Adwords, those too are covered but I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with information. You can go ahead and email me should you want to talk about that.

* Note that all prices are in U.S. dollars.

** Please see pricing page for a detailed explanation of what each package contains.

And, in case I forget, all of our products are made in North America!

Please call us when you’re ready to place an order!

You Just Need More Information… I Get It!

Even if you have a bunch of questions or just need a little more information in order to be sure you’re doing the right thing. Just call us at 1-866-829-4175 or fill in your name and email address, if you don’t want to talk to us (heaven knows why?) and we’ll communicate by sending you timely information about the process!